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AMETEK Oil & Gas is a group of companies specializing in meeting the unique measurement and instrumentation needs of the Oil & Gas Industry. Our portfolio of products offers solutions for the upstream, midstream and downstream segments of the industry. From instruments and equipment for production to petroleum product testing equipment for terminals and consumers, AMETEK Oil & Gas offers many technologies, systems and solutions that are unique to our member companies.

Barben Analytical – High accuracy, long life pH, conductivity and oxygen measurement analyzers. 

Brookfield – Viscometers, rheometers, texture analyzers and powder flow testers used in R&D, QC and inline applications for rheological fluid analysis, tension/compression analysis and powder flow analysis.

Chandler Engineering – Cement testing equipment, mixers, rheometers, fluid loss cells, corrosion, compressive and gel strength testers.

CSI – Thermal maintenance systems for heating and cooling of liquid/vapor processes.

Creaform – Metrology-grade 3D scanners and software services.

Crystal Pressure – Equipment to measure pressure to calibrate other pressure measuring equipment.

Drexelbrook – Level measurement solutions, water-in-oil cut monitoring systems, float and conductivity switches.

Finetubes – Metal industrial tubing for all applications (in space, below sea level, inside the body etc.)

Grabner Instruments – Vapor Pressure, Distillation, Flashpoint and Fuel analysis for laboratory and on-line analysis.

Hermetic Seal – Hermetically sealed connectors, pressure bulkheads, headers and feed thrus.

Jofra/M &G Calibration – Pressure, temperature and process calibrators.

Land – Monitors / analyzers for industrial infrared temperature measurement, combustion efficiency and environmental pollutant emissions.

Muirhead Avionics – Sales, repair, overhaul, modification and flight recorder transcription capability, backed with engineering support and training.

O’Brien –Tubing bundles, bare tubing, enclosures, cabinet heaters and instrument mounts and stands.

Petrolab Company – Vapor Pressure, Distillation, Flashpoint and Fuel analysis for laboratory and on-line analysis.

AMETEK Power Instruments – Fault recorders, power meters, power transducers, load loggers, annunciators and flame sensors.

AMETEK Process Instruments – On-line instruments for natural gas processing and liquefaction, pipeline / gas quality monitoring, oil refining, combustion control and sulfur recovery.

AMETEK Subsea Interconnect –Design and Supply of critical subsea feedthroughs, wet or dry mate connectors and associated terminations. 

Solartron ISA – Wellhead flow meters for flow measurement applications.

Solidstate Controls – Industrial Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Systems, Power Inverters, Power Conditioners, Remote Bypass Switches, Nuclear product line and more.

Spectro – Atomic spectroscopic instrumentation, on-line sulfur content analyzers for Ultra-Low sulfur diesel.

Superior Tube – High quality, precision engineered tube products.

US Gauge – Industrial pressure gauges and transducers, industrial thermometers, diaphragm seals and pneumatic controllers.

Universal Analyzers – Produces gas sample extraction, transport and conditioning systems for continuous emissions monitoring.


The Oil & Gas Industry is a truly global endeavor with operations on every populated continent. As a global industry needs global support, AMETEK Oil & Gas strives to continuously grow and develop its sales and support network. In addition to a global network of factory trained distributors, AMETEK Oil & Gas maintains factory-direct customer support capabilities at its manufacturing sites and a growing number of regional offices.

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